The Magic of Bliss

In our last post, we talked about some of the emotional and physical benefits of rose and orange essential oils, the main essential oils used in our Bliss blend. For most, witchcraft and spell-work sounds like movies and children's books, but it is actually very common. And many things such as aromatherapy and herbal remedies tie into that. So for the more spiritual loveleighs, we will talk about some of the magical properties and uses of these oils as well.

  • Rose

  • element: water

  • planet: venus

  • gender: feminine

  • zodiac: taurus

  • glamour magic

  • love

  • beauty

  • tranquility

  • positivity

  • good luck

  • it is said that when doing love spells, removing the thorns will strengthen the intention

  • Orange

  • element: fire

  • planet: sun

  • gender: masculine

  • love

  • divination

  • luck

  • money

  • happiness

  • fertility

  • success + prosperity

  • friendships

  • there is a myth that Gaea gave Hera a garden full of "golden apples," which are now understood to be oranges, as a wedding present

These two together create a powerful pair!

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