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About Us


LoveLeigh Brand is so much more than just an online store. We have taken Self-Care Sunday away from luxury and into necessity, and combined it with spirituality + mental health. Just as you brush your teeth and wash your face, we want your self-care regimen to be a staple in your daily life.

"That Ain't Nothin' but the Devil"

For starters, let's quote the word spirituality from the Oxford Dictionary:

the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as apposed to material or physical things.

In reference to LoveLeigh Brand, we do believe in the energy that we manifest and transfer, and that there is divinity in nature. Through that, we are inspired to create in ways that magnify energy inward and out.

Our products are not intended for ritual and/or religious purposes, or to be used in lieu of seeking medical or professional assistance.

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Meet our CEO

Brianna Acklin, age 26, from Nashville, TN. I just recently moved to Sacramento, CA to be with my long-distance fiance, and create some distance between me and some past traumas.

My inspiration behind LoveLeigh is my own personal journey that I began when I finally put myself before my abusers and got myself to safety. More importantly, I started making strides to really learning and loving who I am without fitting into a mold for survival.

I can only hope my brand can be a part of countless women's monumental strides to loving themselves again.

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